Poem a Day Challenge #16

Laurie says “go back.” I had to find a poem over 5 years old which meant I actually had to dig back to my ill-fated grad school days and find what I wrote my one and only semester at New College (it’s good to never throw anything out). It was surreal when I wrote itContinue reading “Poem a Day Challenge #16”

Poem A Day Challenge #14

Laurie wants us to turn a poem into a Madlib. She chose T.S. Elliot; I decided to go with William Butler Yeats. Running, running, in the expansive fieldThe child cannot hear the mother. Toys fall apart; her basket cannot hold; Mere existential despair is loosed upon the park, A red-hazed rage is loosed, and everywhereTheContinue reading “Poem A Day Challenge #14”

Poem a Day Challenge #11

Laurie’s prompt is straightforward today: three cliches, a confession, and a cat. I’m feeling tapped outlike a boxer clinging to the ropes crying “Cut me, Mick! Cut me!” Monday morning bluesare the worst and I have a laundry list of chores as long as my arm. I spent a half-hour in my car watching TikTokContinue reading “Poem a Day Challenge #11”

Poem a Day Challenge #10

Laurie’s challenge today is one I’ve actually never done before, at least I don’t think…an abecedarian is deceptive…an “easy” prompt makes for a difficult assignment. This is rough and I’m still not there yet. My experiences with my son, with the idea of “acceptance” but without a culture that actually accepts anything that is non-conformingContinue reading “Poem a Day Challenge #10”

Poem a Day Challenge #8

Laurie says: stop making sense. Kids these days with their yeets and fleeks. Am I chuegy? I’m probably cheugy. Most definitely cheugy. It’s not that I’m salty and I won’t simp for them (big yikes,I know, right?) but this is living rentfree in my head and hits a little different. No cap, I’m here toContinue reading “Poem a Day Challenge #8”

Poem a Day Challenge #5

A sestina, Laurie? A sestina? This flipping, flopping, churning form that reminds me of a taffy pulling machine, constantly pulling and turning inwards? THAT’S what you want us to write today? Fine, fine. I’m FINE. I was not happy. Every day was different, yet the same. The routine that provided securitykept me – us –Continue reading “Poem a Day Challenge #5”

Poem a Day Challenge #4

Laurie gives us the start and end – we provide the juicy bits. I do not have anything to say about my bodythe world already gives me reasons to doubt my body. I have weighed between three-fifty and one-sixty and eachspectrum end all people feel free to shout at my body. I have run 5ks,Continue reading “Poem a Day Challenge #4”

Poem a Day Challenge #2

Laurie’s prompt today is bird-themed. You have come to me as a hummingbirdthree times now.Once for joy, once for strength, oncefor hope.Each time I have felt your loved and it overwhelmedme, knocking airout of my lungs and I have gaspedeach time I realized that it was you – I feltunworthy.But you have loved all yourContinue reading “Poem a Day Challenge #2”

Poem a Day Challenge #1

As prompted by Laurie MacDiarmid, beloved writing professor. She invites us to participate in this challenge with her. Here is mine. David, do you remember the letterswe wrote a thousand miles and a lifetime ago? Before husbands and wives and liveswith kids and pets, mortgages and paymentsfor windows? We’ve always been better on paperseparate fromContinue reading “Poem a Day Challenge #1”