Quick little update…

I am not, in any way, giving up on the poetry challenge. It’s just that I have less than a week to completely clean out my kitchen for a remodel that we originally thought we had a month to prepare for (cabinets came way earlier than expected). Poetry will resume when I don’t feel so…panicked…

Poem a Day Challenge #15

At the halfway mark Laurie says “get small.” Fred, my love. This one is for you. You are a complete joy,radiating an ebullient contagious spirit. Strangers don’t exist to you;everyone is worthy of time.Son, I am in awe.

Poem A Day Challenge #14

Laurie wants us to turn a poem into a Madlib. She chose T.S. Elliot; I decided to go with William Butler Yeats. Running, running, in the expansive fieldThe child cannot hear the mother. Toys fall apart; her basket cannot hold; Mere existential despair is loosed upon the park, A red-hazed rage is loosed, and everywhereTheContinue reading “Poem A Day Challenge #14”


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