Poem a Day Challenge #10

Laurie’s challenge today is one I’ve actually never done before, at least I don’t think…an abecedarian is deceptive…an “easy” prompt makes for a difficult assignment.

This is rough and I’m still not there yet. My experiences with my son, with the idea of “acceptance” but without a culture that actually accepts anything that is non-conforming leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

April is Autism Acceptance Month
but we will never fully accept until we
cut ostracism out of our white-
directed space. Look towards Black communities –
each one different – but they call in their
flock. They make space for each child
great or small. White culture calls out –
hates what is different, what disobeys,
is non-conformant. Parents lose their community
just when they need it most,
killed by puritanical/evangelical ideals that have
lasted way too long. Autism Speaks was
made for those to replace the community that
nixed them, to “fix” their “broken” child so doors will
open for them again; doors that they’ll shut against other
people once they’re through. This
quiet cancer is insidious and has infected
really every aspect of our white experience.
Stop and look – listen – we won’t accept Autistics
’til we accept what we cannot control
until we release our collective fear.
Value each person, each voice, open
wide your hearts. Be wary of the
xerox copied families. When
you can confront and address your
zealous bias then maybe we will actually accept those different.

2 thoughts on “Poem a Day Challenge #10

    1. Thank you – and thank you for these daily prompts. I really haven’t done much creative writing for a long time now. I’ve forgotten what it’s felt like.


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