Poem a Day Challenge #11

Laurie’s prompt is straightforward today: three cliches, a confession, and a cat.

I’m feeling tapped out
like a boxer clinging to the
ropes crying “Cut me,
Mick! Cut me!”

Monday morning blues
are the worst and I have
a laundry list of chores
as long as my arm.

I spent a half-hour
in my car
watching TikTok videos
stalled in the Target parking lot
before I ambled in with the speed
of a sloth/snail hybrid.

Now I’m home, the groceries
put away, the laundry
rotated, the dishwasher
emptied and my cat
has plopped herself on my laptop.
“Cut me, Mick. Cut me.”

2 thoughts on “Poem a Day Challenge #11

    1. Aw fuck me that’s good. You always are able to go for the throat in the endings whereas I’m still pulling punches. I still have skills to learn and hone and you will always be an excellent teacher and mentor ❤️


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