It’s me! I was the turkey all along!

Open Sea exhibit at the Monterey Bay Aquarium


Someone pointed out to me that when asked “who are you” people tend to list the jobs they perform instead of who they actually are. I’ve found this to be true of me, especially as I get older.

How do I tell you who I am without falling back on “I’m a mom, a wife, a freelancer” etc?

I could tell you my age or my weight (While I do embrace the Millennial title I have a soft spot for “The Oregon Trail Generation.” I am also Fat as Fuck).

I could tell you where I grew up, where I have lived, and where I am living now (the New York Times Dialect Quiz indicates that the time I spent in the MidWest has colored my native Californian and I resent that horribly).

I could tell you my astrological sign (astronomy is bullshit except my son is totally a Cancer and that’s such a Libra thing of me to say).

My 16Personalities has me swinging between The Protagonist and The Consul depending on the day and the 6 Minute Personality Test says I’m the Drama Club Treasurer but what is Myers/Briggs except astrology for nerds?

If I were to create a character sheet for myself using the old school White Wolf “nature/demeanor” method I would like to say my nature is Architect and my demeanor is Praise-Seeker (I don’t even want to tell you the amount of cobwebs I had to dust off to pull that out).

In the end, I hope you find out who I am by reading my blog. I’m happy you’re here and I’m happy to share my world with you.

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