Poem a Day Challenge #13

Today Laurie asks us to write a letter to someone we don’t know. And while I don’t know her, I feel like I know her. Dear fellow mom in the Target lot: I see you on your phone like me, avoiding all of your tasks, basking in the silence like a lizard on a sun-warmedContinue reading “Poem a Day Challenge #13”

Poem a Day Challenge #12

Laurie’s prompt is again one I’ve never done before: a terza rima. My mind absolutely locked on this one, which is why I’m finally typing this out at 9:00 at night. I tried after I did my cursive practice – no luck. I did almost every chore imaginable because my mind did not want toContinue reading “Poem a Day Challenge #12”

Poem A Day Challenge #9

Laurie’s assignment today: write a pantoum Liberties have been taken. I’m trying to be a little less rigid when it comes to form. It makes me feel uneasy when it’s not exact – like I’m a little girl who got caught and now stands before disappointed parents. 6:30am the alarm clock blares – Radio DJsContinue reading “Poem A Day Challenge #9”

Poem a Day Challenge #7

Laurie’s prompt: a 10×20 I’m late to this one and I ended up feeling rushed. However, I think there’s something here that I will want to revisit when I can from this into something else. Somewhere along the road I stopped using first person singular. I became we. We got married, we got pregnant, weContinue reading “Poem a Day Challenge #7”

Poem a Day Challenge #6

Laurie asks us to focus on a color Yellow is my nemesisthe color of my jealousy. She glides through the day lithe and loving like a sit-com mother. I watch, transfixed, as shebrightens every roomshe touches, her laughlingers warm like the smells of drying bedsheets. In my quilts I have tried to use her, includeContinue reading “Poem a Day Challenge #6”

Poem a Day Challenge #3

Today’s theme is transportation It’s rare these days that I drive aloneand that’s really for the best.There’s a muscle memory that clickswith my seatbelt and if I’m not carefulI find myself on cruise control andblow past my exit, traveling to aspring night from high school, througha college snowstorm, a summerafternoon alonealonealone.My home in my rearviewContinue reading “Poem a Day Challenge #3”