Poem a Day Challenge #12

Laurie’s prompt is again one I’ve never done before: a terza rima.

My mind absolutely locked on this one, which is why I’m finally typing this out at 9:00 at night. I tried after I did my cursive practice – no luck. I did almost every chore imaginable because my mind did not want to do this. But I did it. I remind myself that not everything I write has to be PERFECT or a WORK OF ART. The progress is in the practice, not always the outcome.

and I hate that.

April allergies have left me hollow.
The page before me repeats a refrain:
“Let your mind go and the rest will follow.”

I struggle and fight against my own brain,
cribbing from music and novels and screen;
fear passes and only I will remain.

The words wont come and I want to scream.
I’m stumbling, I’m tripping, it’s all so rough
along this shadowed path of shattered dreams.

I never thought it would be this tough
my doubt speaks louder than what I can write:
“You’ve got talent, kid, but it ain’t enough.”

One thought on “Poem a Day Challenge #12

  1. I like poems about poetry and hard writing and hardly writing so very much. Well done, my friend. Thank you for pushing through.


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